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9 Muscle-Building Bedtime Snacks


Almond butter (with hopefully just one or two ingredients listed) contains invaluable heart-healthy fats as well as slow-digesting proteins. Almond butter, unlike peanut butter, comes from an actual nut and not a legume, rendering it safe for strict paleo eaters.


Making a meal doesn’t get any easier than cracking open a can of tuna. While it’s important to consider mercury levels in any fish you eat, the protein content of canned tuna is rich enough to fuel any active person’s muscles before bed.


Casein is a type of protein that is released slowly to the body. This means that your body will reap the benefits of steadily receiving amino acids while you sleep.


There are plenty of types of cheese, but some are healthier than others. While you may wish to steer clear oflow-fat cheeses, everyone has different interests in terms of which cheese he or she is comfortable eating. With full-fat and low-fat options, though, you’ll find a rich source of protein regardless of fat levels.


A great food to eat at any time of the day, cottage cheese is the quintessential muscle-building nighttime food. Rich in casein, cottage cheese slowly releases protein to your body throughout the night. Fat-free varieties have more carbs than their full-fat cousins, allowing you to meet your macronutrient needs in more way than one.


Greek yogurt is both protein- and calcium-rich. When paired with a healthy fat source like flax seeds, this bedtime snack’s nutritional profile is perfect for repairing torn muscle fibers all night long.


If you haven’t noticed, dairy products are staple pre-bed muscle-builders. Unfortunately for those who stay away from cow’s milk, dairy products are the best natural source of slow-digesting casein. A glass of whole milk combines casein with fats, creating the ultimate slow-digesting protein scenario for bedtime.


Many people look to nut butters, including peanut butter, as a great source of protein. Yes, peanut butter does contain protein, but this food in its natural form contains more healthy fat than anything else. These fats, mixed with peanut butter’s protein, are digested slowly by the body, allowing your muscles to tap into it for fuel while you sleep.


Many people’s diets lack omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is incredibly rich in both protein and the heart- and brain-friendly omega-3s. A piece of salmon cooked in olive oil is a great meal to have before bed for muscle-conscious diners looking for more of a meal than a snack.

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