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About Us and our Fitness Center

Ed + Alison Edison's

"The mission of Edison's Smart Fitness is to be a resource in the community for those seeking an active and healthy lifestyle and to provide a life-changing opportunity for adults who want to improve their current activity levels, physical appearance and overall general health."


We are passionate about the importance and benefits of exercise and nutrition for healthy living, especially important as we age.


Our emphasis is on the importance of weight training along with aerobic activity, while focusing on healthy diet and nutrition choices.


The first Edison's Smart Fitness location was opened in 2015 in North Myrtle Beach, SC and Midland, MI was a natural choice for our newest location.



We strive to help our members and clients understand why weight training, healthy eating, and moderate aerobic activity is important for:


  • More energy

  • Improved physical capacity

  • Enhanced mental alertness

  • Increased positive feeling of well-being


Our goal is to help our members and clients make SMART choices in daily activities and diet, and that healthy lifestyle changes don't have to be difficult, but can actually be a lot of fun!

About Ed McCormick

Managing Partner Originally from Michigan, Ed worked in the auto industry for 25 years, and lived and raised his children in Midland before moving South and living in NC for the last 16 years. His 3 grown children, who all live in Midland, encouraged him to go after his dream and start this gym with Alison to share his knowledge and fitness philosophy with others.

Ed has a lifelong love of sports and athletics and currently enjoys tennis, kayaking, boating, hiking & weight lifting. Ed has been certified through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers in Personal Training and as a Weight Management Specialist.

About Alison Collins

Partner ~ With a BA in Gerontology (the study of aging), Alison retired from the Wilkes Family YMCA in Wilkesboro, NC after 20 years of service; 8 of those were as Health & Fitness Director. She then started a successful pet-sitting business in 2005, and a Mobile Grooming business in 2020.

A high-school athlete, Alison has always been a sports enthusiast, and currently enjoys tennis, weight-training, kayaking, boating, hiking and yoga. 

She is committed to making Edison's the type of Health Club where everyone can enjoy a positive, healthy experience within a friendly atmosphere. 

About Edison
                    Our Gyms  Mascot - "Edison"
             Our own little light bulb lifting Sock Monkey
                      (created by Ed's daughter Kristin)

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