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Your Success towards your fitness goals, is our goal. We have combined for over 75 years of experience in exercise. But it's not just about the exercise. We coach our clients on weight training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, mobility, AND nutrition. We also educate our clients on how the body speaks to us using a biofeedback model, setting them up for a lifetime of success.

  • An expert coach dedicated to your success

  • Customized exercise programming to fit your goals and your schedule

  • Customized nutrition coaching

  • Every week scheduled in our custom app including weight training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, mobility, AND nutrition

  • With our custom training app, we deliver workouts to you outside of your in-person training sessions. All customized to fit your specific goals!

What you get when you sign up


We work with you to set up a weekly schedule that fits your availability and budget. We strive for results. And we want those results to come in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible. If you are interested in learning more, schedule your free consultation today!


Thank you for your interest in Edison's Smart Fitness!

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