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High Intensity Interval Training is a great way for athletes to get in shape because it allows them to train at a high level for short periods of time. In essence, these workouts mimic the movements performed out on the field or court as athletes need to sprint in various directions and speeds during play.

However, this type of interval training is not just for competitive gains. Any exerciser can take advantage of the effects that high intensity workouts produce for your cardiovascular system and weight-loss. This particular Arc Trainer program is a great way to grow accustomed both interval training and the high intensity capabilities of the Arc Trainer.

Begin the program with a test of your skill by completing a 1 minute on, 1 minute off interval at 100-120 strides per minute and resting at a pace of 80 spm. Focus on increasing the resistance by 5 with each set and continue your workout until you either:

  • cannot recover your heart rate to 75% of projected max (220-age) or

  • cannot keep the pace (100-120 strides per minute) during the 1 minute interval of work.

At that point you should decrease the resistance to a level at which you can complete the interval at the set pace.


Each week will progress as follows in the table below. Keep the same focus on increasing the resistance at a set pace (100-120 strides per minute) for all of them.

Week 1 - 1 minute on/1 minute off ; 15 sets or 30 minutes - Pre Test

Week 2 - 2 minutes on/1 minute off; 10 sets or 30 minutes

Week 3 - 3 minutes on/1 minute off; 7 sets or 28 minutes

Week 4 - 4 mintues on/1 minute off; 6 sets or 30 minutes

Week 5 - 4 minutes on/1 minute off; 6 sets or 30 minutes - Increase Pace

Week 6 - 3 minutes on/1 minute off; 7 sets or 28 minutes - Increased Pace

Week 7 - 2 minutes on/1 minute off; 10 sets or 30 mintutes - Increase Pace

Week 8 - 1 minute on/1 minute off; 15 sets or 30 mintutes - Post Test

Starting in week 5 we will go back down the program ladder, repeating the workouts from weeks 2-4, but with an increase in pace to 120-140 strides per minute while keeping the same resistance strategy and recovery time.

Make sure that you record your ending heart rate after each working set as well as your recovery heart rate at the end of each rest interval. This will help you monitor your heart rate recovery improvement. We are looking for a recovery of around 30 beats in 1 minute.

Be safe and have a great workout!

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